Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This book was made for my friend Linda Calgaro for her birthday in 2009.
 it was early in my book-making career.
I made a pocket book is from a Sydney street directory and then a boxto put it in.
the pocketbook has a ribbon around it to hold it flat

 I painted some of the backs some of the pockets with colour (transparent red). And added some of my own works in photographs.

 in the pockets I put all kinds of things with inspirational quotes on the back. Keys, ribbon, a tiny fan, swing tags from clothes I had bought. The inspirational quotes were all around joy and inspiration.

some of the pockets have pieces like this of odd shaped cards. This one is an e.e. cummings quote "it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are".
The photograph is one I took at North Wollongong on the beach when I was doing my coastal series

the closure of the book, always a hard thing, is a piece of ribbon through a hole. The hole Marks Linda's apartment on the map.

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